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AmigAIM 0.9455 Beta
By Richard H. Poser II
Copyright 1999-2006 Missing Piece Technologies


This BETA is considered as without any warranty as for its capabilities

Miscellaneous Notes - Please Read! (Newest at Top)

Subject/Date: Notes:
Glowicons Added: (20-June-2004) - All I did for this change was add an archive of Glowicons, provided by Todd A. Oberly, to the full archive and for separate download. The executable, help files and version have not been changed.
Rerelease News: (23-May-2004) - Due to a fatal HD failure with only a one year old backup available, the new 0.9447 Beta release was rebuilt from the 0.9444 Beta release. With all changes implemented from 0.9445, 0.9446 and 0.9447 Betas, it should be functionally identical to the previous 0.9447 Beta release.
NList.mcc: (24-December-2002) - A new version of NList.mcc has been released, as well as the other NList classes. As I've checked and made sure that the changes noted below have been officially released, I've removed my own unofficial version and have made available the official version.
LiveJournal: (10-June-2002) - Howdy! If anyone is checking the AmigAIM community they probably noticed the Shared Journal post from my own Amiga LiveJournal client. If checking my regular account, several other Test messages are available (I may make the program available sometime in the (relatively) near future)
LiveJournal: (09-May-2002) - I've got a paid account now, so I made an AmigAIM community in which I may actually make a note about my internal version from time to time, and perhaps take suggestions...
NList.mcc: (11-April-2002) - Removed previous entries about the hope that my changes to NList would be included officially, since the changes I have made to NList.mcc have now been patched into the official CVS version. The CVS version fixes the wraparound bug that was evident in the Message Windows with an earlier version of NList.mcc. The CVS version also now includes the new functionality to allow for short help display for embedded objects (Used for display of URLs in short help in AmigAIM when the mouse is over a Clickable URL button)
AmigaXL: (03-April-2002) - Looks like Amiga has pulled the plug on Amithlon , which causes AmigaXL to be pulled so those people still using it will probably never seen the socket bug fixed , as all further development would be expected to be curtailed. (Hopefully, the license problems will be resolved in favor of AmigaXL being continued)
AmigaXL: - Current versions of AmigaXL have a problem with the socket system which causes socket events to not be transmitted to programs when data has arrived at the socket.
- Starting with Version 0.9440, I have added a new prefs item which allows for a timer event to be used whether a socket has data or not. This has been verified to be operation for one user under AmigaXL, which will hopefully be fixed sometime soon. (From latest reports, the developers must be aware of the problem but aren't taking much action)
Miami: - Please use a minimum of Miami v2.1p, Miami v3.2b or MiamiDx v1.0c as I've tested each of those.

AmigAIM Information:

AmigAIM Text Files Description: Last Updated: - AmigaGuide Documentation 27-September-2006
custom.txt - External Classes 27-September-2006
history.txt - History of AmigAIM 27-September-2006

Download AmigAIM:

AmigAIM Archives Description: Last Updated:
AmigAIM_BETA.lha - Full Distribution, Includes Sounds, Icons and Documentation 27-September-2006
AmigAIM.lha - Updated Executable and Documentation 27-September-2006
iffsounds.lha - Sounds in IFF Format 20-July-2000
MWB_Icons.lha - Magic Workbench Icons 20-July-2000
Newicons.lha - Newicon Icons 06-Aug-2000
Glowicons.lha - GlowIcons By Todd A. Oberly 20-June-2004

NList Updates:

File Name: Description: Last Updated:
MCC_NList.lha - NList Custom Class for MUI 28-March-2003

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AmigAIM - Copyright 1999-2006 Missing Piece Technologies
AIM Protocol - Copyright 1999 America Online Inc.
Magic User Interface V3.8 - Copyright 1992-97 Stefan Stuntz
NList.mcc and NListview.mcc - Copyright 1996-2000 Gilles Masson, 2001-2003 NList Open Source Team
Textinput.mcc - Copyright 1997-99 Oliver Wagner
Popplaceholder.mcc - Copyright 1999 Marcin Orlowski


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