Inform 6 - Amiga Installation Instructions
(Archive Updated with Inform 6.30 and Library 6/11)

This installation includes: There are several steps to install Inform 6 via this process.
  1. Make a directory for the installation of the files.
  2. Download LhA to a temporary directory.
  3. Execute '' and copy LhA to any directory in path, such as the 'c:' directory.
  4. Remove temporary directory if desired.
    NOTE: If you already have a copy of the LhA utility, you can ignore step two through four.
  5. Download the Amiga package from this site to the new directory.
    NOTE: The file is 1.3Mb, which will take around 7 minutes to download using a 28.8 Modem.
  6. In your new directory, and using LhA, unarchive the 'IFNW_Amiga.lha' file. (LhA -e IFNW_Amiga.lha)
  7. Verify that the installation was successful by checking all of the files in your new directory and all subdirectories. Read the 'IFNW_Amiga.readme' and the documentation in each of the other subdirectories for more information.
  8. Remove the 'IFNW_Amiga.lha' file if desired.
Amiga Installation Instructions written and Archive created by
Richard H. Poser II <>
Author/Maintainer of the Amiga Inform Page