K9 for mIRC

Written by Nathan Roberts and Richard Poser

Latest version: Beta000324, 3/24/00

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K9 is mirrored at the following locations:
K-9 is a multipurpose all-round protection/convenience script for the IRC client mIRC. It has the following features:
Changes in Beta000324: Changes in Beta000211: To upgrade K9, download the lite package.

Author info
K9 was originally written by
Nathan Roberts. Nathan once again has access to a network-capable Windows box, and is now maintaining it again. It is also being maintained by Richard Poser <whomiga@missingpiece.com>.

Design philosophy
The main design philosophy behind K9 is, only put in useful stuff. K9 doesn't suffer the bloat of many other scripts for mIRC. (One script that I won't name is a total of 8 megabytes. Compressed.) Other design philosophies behind K9 are:

Upgrading K9
First of all, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE mIRC 5.61! You can download it from http://www.mirc.co.uk

To upgrade K9, download the K9LITE.ZIP file. Shut down mIRC if it's running. Uncompress the file into the K9 directory, overwriting all files. Start mIRC, and type "/load -rs k9a.mrc" (the same load command as when you first loaded it.)

Note: It seems that the latest versions of mIRC have the /run command locked by default. This prevents the "K9 Documentation" command from working properly. If you wish to change this, go to File | Options, go to the Lock settings (under the General tree), and unlock the run command

The K9 distribution comes in two flavors: Regular (172k) and Lite (77k). The lite version is missing the sound files for the event sound system and the ping responses.

K9 can be downloaded from the following sites:

Latest Beta version:

Nathan's page usually contains the latest version. Check and make sure the site you're on has the latest version before you download it.

Remember that this is beta software and may still probably will have bugs. Please report any you find. However, my small group of beta testers have been using it for months, without incident.

If you want to spread the word about K9, a link to Nathan's page (http://www.tardislabs.com/k9/) would be appreciated. If you're so inclined, several "stickers" have been provided below, which you can use to link to this page.

[#1] k9button.gif The original sticker, designed by Jason Fraser
[#2] k9anim.gif Animated sticker, designed by Richard H. Poser II
[#3] k9anim2.gif Another animated sticker, designed by Nathan Roberts

Following is a sample snippet of code to include the button and link on your page:

<a href="http://www.tardislabs.com/k9/">
<img src="FILENAME.gif" alt="[K9 for mIRC]" width=88 height=31 border=0>
Replace FILENAME.gif with the name of the file you downloaded

The maintainers would like to thank the unofficial K9 beta test team: