Game Rules:


Ball Start: Use flippers to select one of the seven Doctor's areas, then shoot the ball. The area selected will have increased scoring potential.
Multiball: Earn locks by hitting center target of Time Expander, lock 2 balls, then restore Earth time to factor 0 by lighting all 15 control panel lamps. Then, shoot the ball into any door.
Jackpot: During Multiball, time warp Daleks by going into each door. When Davros Super Jackpot appears, deactivate force field by hitting the 5 targets, then time warp him.
Transmat: Light extra Doctors by building the Transmat Power (jet bumpers), then hit the flashing "Activate Transmat" target.
Playfield Multiplier: Build from cliffhanger (top) ramp, it multiplies ALL scores and builds loop champion.
Unlimited Million: After playfield multiplier 4X.
Sonic Boom: Scores 10 Million points each for spelling W-H-O every 10th loop.
Video Mode: Relit by spelling ESCAPE. Use 1 flipper to jump over small obstacles, 2 flippers for large obstacles. Extra Ball awarded during wave three (auto adjustable).
Special: Complete E-S-C-A-P-E until "S" lamp is ON.
Repair Millions: Complete R-E-P-A-I-R within the alloted time and any REPAIR target is worth 1 Million points.
Lighting Extra Ball: Complete W-H-O sequence a set amount of times (see status report).
Diagram & Text ©1992 Bally/Williams Manufacturing Co.

Ball Start:

At ball start use the flippers (right flipper increases the Doctor number, left flipper decreases the Doctor number) to choose an area of the playfield (Doctor's 1 thru 7), then launch the ball. The doctor's area selected will have increased scoring potential.

Doctor 1: Spots an extra ESCAPE target for a faster way to the SPECIAL.

Doctor 2: Doubles the score and allows for more time between shots.

Doctor 3: Doubles the score and allows for more time between shots for an easier way to get extra balls.

Doctor 4: Allows for more REPAIR time between shots.

Doctor 5: Makes the transmat bonus grow faster, allowing more Doctor's to be lit.

Doctor 6: Increases the playfield multiplier by 2 steps instead of 1, and allows for more time to score at the current playfield multiplier.

Doctor 7: Spots another "expansion factor" lamp each time the center target is hit, lites 1 "expansion factor" lamp each time the center target is hit, allows for more initial re-lock time, and adds more to the re-lock timer when the center target is hit.

Multiball - Doctor 7:

Light locks by hitting middle target(A) of "Time Expander" (mini-playfield, level 1). Then lock 2 balls (B), to reveal the "Controls" of the "Time Expander" (level 2). The controls(C) are locked on to Earth and when activated will restore Earth time from an expansion factor of 15 to a normal factor 0. This raises the "Time Expander" to level 3 and the player must start multiball by shooting the ball into one of the 3 doors. The middle door "skips" a jackpot for a faster way to reach the "Super Davros Jackpot".

Selecting Doctor 7 allows for a faster restore of earth time to the normal factor 0


Upon start of multiball, the Daleks will march out their ranks to "exterminate the doctor", time warp them by shooting each of the 3 targets(Level 3) to award and build up your jackpot score. Loose 1 ball (still in 2 ball multiball) and the player will do battle with a "lesser" Dalek.

The Dalek Ranks:

Emperor Dalek50 Million
Supreme Dalek45 Million
Gold Daleks40 Million
White Daleks35 Million
Blue Daleks30 Million
Black Daleks25 Million
Daleks5-20 Million

Davros Super Jackpot:

100/150/200 Million Points! - after battling all the Dalek Ranks, Davros appears. He is protected by a force field that is deactivated by hitting all 5 dalek buttons(Level 2). Once the force field is removed, he too can be time warped by the 3 doors(Level 3). But beware, he has found a method of returning from time warp, and his force field is stronger!
Diagram & Text ©1992 Bally/Williams Manufacturing Co.
Diagram & Text ©1992 Bally/Williams Manufacturing Co.

Transmat - Doctor 5:

To add more doctors to the playfield - Shoot(D) at the jet bumpers(E) to build up enough power to transmat (a matter transmitter) another doctor when target(F) is blinking.

Selecting Doctor 5 increases the jet bumper score, and builds up the transmat power faster!

Playfield Multiplier:

Shoot up the top ramp(O) to increase playfield multiplier of ALL scores up to 4X!

Just try to time warp Davros at 4X!

Selecting Doctor 6 advances the playfield multiplier by 1X (instead of by 1/2X).

Loop Champion:

Players can compete for loop champion by beating the current loop champion.

Unlimited Million:

Scores a total (with playfield multiplier) of 1 million points for all shots past the playfield 4X!

Sonic Boom:

Every 10th loop, the trap door is lowered and each letter of W-H-O is now worth 10 Million Points.

Video Mode:

Complete ESCAPE to light Video Mode(G). Enter to start the chase of your life! A Dalek is on your heels with orders to capture you ALIVE (well, thank heaven for small favors). However, your path is obstructed with various obstacles that you must carefully jump over. It is wise to use 1 flipper to jump over the small obstacles, and to use 2 flippers to jump over the large obstacles. You are allowed a few extra lives, in case you hit an obstacle. Reach the TARDIS to avoid capture by the Dalek, receive big bonus points, and video mode re-lit.

Video Mode-Last Wave:

This will score the sum total of all the successfully escaped video modes. Usually totaling hundred of millions (at 1X playfield multiplier).


Completing ESCAPE, a programmable number of times awards a Special(H).

Selecting Doctor 1 awards 2 targets with a single target hit!

R.E.P.A.I.R. Millions:

Repair each force field projector (targets) before it breaks down (these faulty force field projectors break down alot) for increasing score. If all projectors are repaired (lit), each target is worth 1 Million points!

Selecting Doctor 4 repairs 2 projectors with a single target hit!

Diagram & Text ©1992 Bally/Williams Manufacturing Co.
Diagram & Text ©1992 Bally/Williams Manufacturing Co.

Lighting Extra Ball:

Completing the sequence of W-H-O ramp shots(W), (H), and (O), a programmable (or auto-adjustable) amount of times, will light an extra ball at lamp(J). However, the sequence must be completed in time.

Selecting Doctor 3 allows more time to complete W-H-O, and temporarily increases its score at each letter.

Second Chance(K):

If a player does not receive a minimum of 2 seconds of play per ball, they receive a second chance, and have the ball re-served back to them.

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