Inform for Amiga - Beta GUI Released! New
- Version 6.30 (040227) - Release Notes(pdf)
- Library 6/11(040227)
Inform 6 Logo

Inform for New Writers:
IFNW_Amiga.lha Archive Installation Updated
Inform Compiler, Libraries and Docs:
inform630_amiga.lha 68000 Optimized Version Updated
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inform630_amiga030.lha 68030 Optimized Version Updated Get It!
inform_library62.lha Library 6/2
(For V3 Games)
inform_library611.lha Library 6/11New
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Interpreter and Other Tools:
zpat-amiga-2_2.lha Amiga Programs to patch Infocom games (Version 2.2)
(No Source Files)
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Patchfiles Directory with Patch files for use with Executables above Go!
AmigaFrotz240Std10.lha Frotz 2.40 Standard 1.0 Infocom Interpreter
(Amiga Release 14)
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DebugTool_111.lha Debug Tool for Infocom Data and Save Files
(Amiga Version)
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ztools73.lha Ztools, the Infocom Toolkit
(Amiga Version 7/3)
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This page last updated: 13-June-04 5:06 PM (CDT)

New Release for Amiga: If you're using Amiga Inform, could you please send me an E-Mail. I would just like to know who is
using Inform on the Amiga (And possible Beta Testers :^).

This Amiga port of Inform was prepared by Richard H. Poser II. Any specific questions about this port should be directed to

Any questions about any of the other programs presented on this page should be directed to their respective authors/porters.


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Copyright on Inform, the program and its source code, its example games and documentation is, as always, retained by Graham Nelson <>